Boats Bali to Lombok

Lombok is neighbor Island of Bali and can be reached by sea transfer (slow ferry) about 4 hours.  Four hours is certainly a long time for sea transfer. We can use the boats from Bali to Lombok today, to make your time more efficient. We need maximum 2 hours to get Lombok from Bali.

Boat from Bali to Lombok departed via 4 harbors in Bali, Sanur, Serangan, Amed and Padangbai harbor. We need about 2 hours for transferring between Sanur and Lombok, 2.5 hours from Serangan to Lombok, 1.5 hours from Padangbai to Lombok and 1 hours from Amed to Lombok. You can choose the fast boat which departed close from your hotel because most of the fast boats give free pick up and drop service base on sharing.

2 thoughts on “Boats Bali to Lombok

  1. Vanessa Gomes Reply

    We need boats tickets for :

    13/02 : 6 adults /2 kids 5.8yo from padang bay to lombok
    18/02 : 6 adults /2 kids 5.8yo from Lombok to Padang bay or serangan

    Thank you to send me the information and how to puschase the boat tickets

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